Thursday, February 28, 2008

Season 5! Episode 9!

Ok, no spoilers here really... but I keep sitting down to write a post about this episode and how the arc of the season has reached its peak. Unfortunately, all that comes out is: omigoshomigoshomigosh! Followed by some tears shed or some teeth gnashing over my favorite characters. But this blog ain't really about that. Before you can sit down to analyze a particular season's themes, you've got to have the season in its entirety. So this season doesn't become grist for my mill until mid-March. And stay tuned for a full in-depth analysis of all sixty episodes, thousand corners-style. I might even do it in sixty days during the summer, but don't count on that level of organization from me.

I know. This kind of defeats the purpose of blogs being in the moment and diary-like thoughts of now. But come on, I'm a historian and when have historians ever been timely about analyzing events (The Big Names in the field still can't get enough of old, white dudes, and that's cool). So I will leave what will happen in episode 10 to those people on the boards at TWoP and the bloggers at New Package who are way better at foreshadowing what will happen. I mean... my only attempt at guessing was that Sydnor was going to get it and McNulty/Freamon's operation was going to fall because of it. For those that haven't seen 9... rest assured this is not a spoiler.

Having said that, please feel free to Kibitz to your hearts desire in the comments. Just make sure to tag any spoilers/info that is in ep 59 or 60.

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