Friday, February 15, 2008

Real Thugs - 6

Real Thugs analyze the latest episode of the Wire and I really look forward to this weekly Freakonomics post. The discussion in this post revolved around morality. It is interesting the way the men project a logic derived from the streets or prison in their analysis of politics. One comments that Carcetti should get Clay Davis in his pocket by letting him off the charges. That the only way to get ahead in politics is through deal making and displays of force on the street, ala Giuliani vs Dinkins. It's a very interesting no-holds-bar approach to politics that is maybe more reminiscient of European politics in the thirties, but nonetheless, they aren't too far off base in that politics these days is all about the image you portray to the public, and the power you hold behind closed doors.

This is not to say they don't value a sense of morality. They recognize and respect that Bunk, Omar, and Gus are the three men who live by a specific code. Even though such a strict code is an impossible goal in real life on the street.

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