Thursday, February 7, 2008

NPR Interviews characters from The Wire

The darling radio network of educated, white, upper-middle class suburbanites (ok, that's me), NPR, has given The Wire a large amount of press during its seasons. I guess some of its producers are big fans and it makes sense with the NPR headquarters located less than an hour away in DC.

-Michael K. Williams plays "Omar" and discusses the character's internal fragility despite his brash actions, the first kiss, and how he got his scar.

-Germaine Crawford plays "Dukie" and talks about giving real children like Dukie a voice in the show. In an online only clip, Crawford talks about his fellow cast members outside of their characters.

-NPR's Fresh Air interviews David Simon and George Pelecanos from 2004.

-An older Fresh Air interview with Ed Burns. And one from 2006.

-Clark Johnson, director of several episodes and "Gus" in the current season.

The interviews can go into great depth... and if you search the NPR site you can find interviews with "Snoop", "Marlo", and others. I can't really think of other shows where so many of the actors and creators have been interviewed. And oddly NPR has chosen some of the more minor characters (I don't know if this has anything to do with availability). They certainly are fans, which is nice to see.

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