Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Nickname?

Haven't posted a whole lot in awhile, but I'm convinced that my move to DC will increase the posting rate here.

Evidence no. 1: I "joined" a ultimate frisbee team here and like many flatball teams, they like giving nicknames to their players. They had been trying to nickname someone Bubbles for awhile, and when they found out that I had a blog of this name- it was set.

Evidence no. 2: My new roomates both want to get into the show which definitely means I'll be watching more. Hopefully this will also mean my episode reviewing project will also get back on the proverbial railroad tracks (to use a Wire symbol).

With the show gaining exposure in the UK and Europe generally, hopefully a new audience might find this site useful. Also- what ever happened to Treme? Stay tuned.

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